Yenice Vadi


Welcome to the happiness of country life, which you have been missing and were never able to forget.

Yenice Vadi offers you a cozy vacation in a natural settlement area for every moment of the 4 seasons.

Yenice Vadi is the destination for you to enjoy your vacation as you wish with your family, loved ones and pets.

Picture a vacation with organic farming, tree houses, you sitting by a burning fireplace, relieving your tiredness in your warm jacuzzi, participating in sports activities, and living the farm life.

We will be happy to be serve you with our bed and breakfast concept within a quiet and natural environment.

Yoga & Pilates

Nothing is more valuable than the feeling of being beautiful, FIT and HEALTHY.

Surround yourself with the sound of nature in Yenice Vadi surrounded by pine trees and open the doors to a healthier and happier life.

Do Yoga and Pilates in the studio with a unique view overlooking the valley. Take some time for yourself and rest against the magnificent view of nature.

Besides our package programs and vacation concept, you can, with an additional fee, can create your own time and open the doors to a life full of health and happiness.

Contact us for our healthy living camps.

Swimming Pool

There is a pier leading to our pool located in the middle of the pond.


We at Yenice Vadi
accept pets free
of charge.


Yenice Vadi offers a free

Cooking Course

Free cooking course (with appointment) if you wish to attend.


Our farm has gooses, sheep, goats, quails, chickens, ducks, cows, and horses living in a much-missed natural environment.

It is open to all our guests. If you wish, you can join the daily care, and cleaning of the animals alone or in groups as an activity.

Experience how fun it is to milk your own milk and gather your own eggs in the morning.

Live the happiness of doing a long walk, while the animals are grazing, accompanied by our shepherd.

Vegetable Garden & Greenhouse

Our natural living area has an open vegetable garden, and greenhouse, which is open to all guests.

We grow seasonal vegetables and greens from cabbage to tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, okra, and broccoli.

We also have almond, cherry, sour cherry, peach, and apple treas. Our jams and butter are produced by us. We get our flour from the nearby stone mill, and our olive oil specially pressed.

All our guests may attend the vegetables and fruit picking from our garden and greenhouse whenever they want.


Our restaurant called “Kara Dığan” is also known as “Kara Tava” (Black Pan) among the locals of Muğla.

We cook our meals and meat in copper and clay pots in the stone quarry within a natural environment, using local methods, by complying with all hygiene rules.

We do not know what do you think could be better than eating, but breakfast must have something to do with happiness;

Said Cemal Süreya. And if you want to start the day with this awesome phrase,

Our Mixed Breakfast service will be available from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM in our restaurant.

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