Privacy Policy – Privacy Principles

Privacy Policy – Privacy Principles

When you use the services of our website, you have accepted our terms of use and privacy policy. This Privacy Policy is intended to help you understand why we collect data and what we do with said data. It is important that we share this information with you. Therefore, thank you for your time and reading the privacy policy carefully.

Our Privacy Policy

The original personal blog protects your privacy with all seriousness. It respects the privacy principles of all users. For more information on privacy principles, please read the following items carefully.

What Does the Privacy Policy Cover?

The internet blog contains the personal information of the users, and of the products and services of the site. Personal Information consists of information such as name, surname, e-mail address, photograph, and social network information to identify the person concerned. This information is not public information and it is not used or shared in any other place that is not managed or controlled by the website.

Information Collection and Use:

When you subscribe to the WordPress and Personal Blog or when you want to benefit from the products or services offered by the site, the information obtained from you is stored within our privacy policy. The website can consolidate your information and store it within the same privacy principles as stated above.

When you register on the site, information such as your name and e-mail are requested, and when you login with your username and password, you are no longer an ordinary visitor to us but become a user known to our site and may save your user information within its own structure.

The collected information can be analyzed and reported to improve services.

For you to comment on the content on the web blog, we ask for your name, e-mail, and website information. If you enter this information and make a comment, we store this information.

Information Sharing and Disclosure

The website will never rent, sell, or share the personal information collected from you with companies that are not affiliated with our site, and offer products or services to us, or to third parties, unless you specifically request it.

The personal blog can transfer information belonging to users within the framework of confidentiality if it merges with or incorporates another company. If there is a transfer of information, users are informed of this situation in advance. Users are informed by e-mail.

Confidentiality and Safety

The information belonging to the users is also restricted to the employees of our site for your safety, and authorized personnel can access the necessary information only in cases where user information about the product and service is required.


Google Ads and other blog ads are used on the site. You can use our contact page to report disturbing ads.

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